This turned out to be easier than we expected.

First, we made the daughter strip, holding her mother close to us, hand over her mouth so she couldn’t talk to her girl. Once that was done, we made the mother tape her daughter’s mouth shut before tying her up. The girl behaved as she was forced to watch her mother strip to her panties before her. The mother was quite cooperative, not wanting to upset us and risking that her daughter may be hurt.

Once the two hostages was secure, my wife and I could relax slightly. My wife was elated. “I’ve always wanted to play with a mom and daughter together!” she squealed in delight, causing nervous mumbling to come from the gagged and naked women sitting on the sofa.

"How about that?" I mused, watching my wife sit down next to the daughter. "We really only came for you, young lady. But isn’t it fun that your mother happened to be visiting the very weekend we come calling?" My wife ran her hand up the daughter’s bare chest, causing struggling and protesting from the mother. I grabbed her face, hand clamping around the tape on her mouth and pushed her into the sofa. "Ah ah, wait your turn."

I love it! I don’t know who I’d want to play with first.

Mothers and daughters sell for a tremendous amount on the open market. If you could let a slaver like me know where to find them, you would be rewarded handsomely.

I read a “true crime” story where they first separated the mother and daughter. 

The mother was forced to (slowly) strip, and perform strip-tease for the rapists, while her daughter was sequestered, bound and gagged, in a nearby room. 

Whenever the mother disobeyed the rapists, one of them went into the room where the daughter was held, some muffled screams and shouts were heard, and he emerged with an article of the daughter’s clothing.

First the shirt..

Then the pants..

The the bra..

The the panties…

And so on.

This went on for several hours.

By the time the daughter had been stripped completely nude, she was marched back out into the main room where the mother had been forced to strip-tease in front of the rapists. The mother at this point was (likewise) completely nude, on all fours, ball-gagged with an very, very large ball-gag, collared and leashed like the bitch-doggie that was, and being lead around on the leash by the rapists, who were laughing at her, kicking her, etc.

When the nude daughter saw her mother reduced to this state, she burst into tears.

Then the raping began.

Someone should make this into a movie.